Canada Day Events Like No Other

canada day 2020 Canada Day 2020 Events

Niagara Region events are largely virtual or online

Covid-19 restrictions have changed or cancelled traditional celebrations, still many Canadians plan to celebrate Canada Day the same as previous years.

According to the Canadian Press, the Legal Marketing and Association for Canadian studies surveyed Canadians asking if the pandemic will make them less likely to celebrate this year.

As many as 42 per cent said celebrations would be the same as previous years, 16 per cent said they will celebrate in some way (i.e. smaller gatherings), while 38 per cent said they were less likely to celebrate the holiday.

Regardless, Covid-19 has changed the ways in which Canadians will be able to celebrate this year. Many community events have gone virtual.

The Town of Lincoln has gone as far as to temporarily suspend the sale of fireworks. This is to discourage large gatherings that may be brought on by fireworks. Additionally, large events have been cancelled. However, this has not stopped all celebrations. Many events are online or will be televised.

Recommended Canada Day 2020 Events

Here are Canada Day 2020 events by area within The Bench and Niagara Region.

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