Is there a COVID-19 community outbreak in Lincoln?

Lincoln's COVID-19 case count Why is Lincoln's COVID-19 case count so high? A Niagara Info reader wants to know.

Why is Lincoln’s COVID-19 case count so high? That’s what a reader on Niagara Info Instagram account asked us recently.

The account @jordanstationsensation asked us last week: “Do you have any idea why the majority of COVID-19 cases are in the Lincoln area? We just checked the website and there are 4.5/10,000 cases in Lincoln. So that is approx. 7-8 cases here only. The rest of Niagara is at 1 or less. Thanks and hoping you all have some answers.”

We checked with Niagara Region Public Health and here is what we discovered. A large household where most members of the home were infected with COVID-19, has caused a surge in active cases in Lincoln.

Due to Lincoln’s small population of approximately 21,771 people, the number of cases has led to a relatively larger per 10,000 active case average.

Over the weekend, Lincoln’s active cases were at 4.1 cases per 10,000 population.

“As this impact is mostly being experienced in one household, there is currently no increased risk to the broader Lincoln community and all those believed to be exposed as part of the outbreak are being closely followed by Public Health,” said Meredith Maxwell, Manager of Public Health Communications Engagement for Niagara Region Public Health.

Here are the case levels for the West Niagara’s communities as of today:
Lincoln’s is 4.1 per 10,000 population
West Lincoln is 0.6 per 10,000 population
Grimsby is 0 per. 10,000 population
Pelham’s in 0 per 10,000 population.
Wainfleet is 0.4 per 10,000 population

In the Niagara Region, there have been 929 confirmed COVID-19 cases. 835 have recovered. There are 30 active cases and 2 active outbreaks.

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