Lincoln council defeats motion to promote universal basic income, citing clarity issues

universal basic income Universal basic income UBI is government guarantee for citizen receives a guaranteed minimum income.

The Lincoln council has pushed back a universal basic income (UBI) motion presented by Councilman JD Pachereva. However, the issue will be taken up again in the fall.

UBI is a recurring social payment plan that guarantees every citizen in a target jurisdiction with a regular payment from the government, without any conditions for repayment. It can target a local area, a larger provincial area or be implemented nationally. It is designed to provide enough money to live for everyone on and is considered an anti-poverty strategy. UBI plans are funded by tax revenues and supplement or replace existing welfare programs.

The Lincoln motion was a show of support for UBI motion that was passed in Kitchener in May. Kitchener city council endorsed a motion, asking the Ontario government to pursue a partnership with their federal counterparts to establish a Universal Basic Income (UBI).

Councilors voting down the motion indicated that Pachereva’s wording was unclear and that they need to learn more about UBI before they can make an informed decision. The motion will be discussed again in the fall.

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