Lincoln embraces civic engagement, celebrates 50 notable citizens with its wall of faces

50 face of lincoln awards The first recipients of the 50 Faces of Lincoln awards were celebrated Tuesday. Left to right they are: left to right Donna Burton, Rod Sinnott, Jennifer Toews, Deborah Dueck, and Jarod Brandon

Lincoln’s town council has recognized 50 citizens who have made notable contributions to the community, with a wall of portraits prominently displayed along the walking track at the Fleming Centre.

The eye-catching wall of faces was inspired by Lincoln’s 50th anniversary. The collection celebrates residents from all groups that define Lincoln’s culture. It features kids and seniors, local business owners, volunteers, and leaders in art, culture, agriculture, and education. Honourees were selected by Mayor Sandra Easton and members of council. Recipients represent all four of the town’s wards.

Over the next five weeks, the Town of Lincoln will hold five invite-only receptions to recognize all 50 individuals. The smaller celebrations ensure COVID-19 public health protocols and current provincial gathering restrictions are followed.

First of five celebrations

The first celebration ran Tuesday night. The inaugural event was attended by Mayor Sandra Easton, the Ward 1 Town councillors, and Ward 1 recipients. Ward 2 councillors and recipients will attend next week’s event. The rest will follow at subsequent ceremonies.

Mayor Sandra Easton spoke proudly about how engaged citizens are in Lincoln. “If we were not limited to 50 faces, we could have covered all the arena walls and ceilings with people who have dedicated their time and talent and just plain down-home interest to our community,” she said.

Ward 1 Councillor Adam Russell also acknowledged the strong sense of activism in the community. “When I look at these faces I see diversity, strength, joy. I see just that in Lincoln (we) really do come together,” said Russell. “It’s not necessarily the big things that people do. It’s the cumulation of all the small actions that really make a difference.”

Adam Russell
Councillor Adam Russell speaks at the first 50 Faces of Lincoln awards event

Ward 1 Councillor Dianne Rintjema introduced the honourees of the night. The first of the five Ward 1 recipients that were celebrated was Jarod Brandon, the Vice President of the Lincoln Chamber of Commerce and a board member for a local co-op daycare in Beamsville.

Brandon was recognized for the work he’s done to pull Lincoln Square residents together as a community and coordinate initiatives with the town.

Then Donna Burton was called to the podium. She was celebrated for her ongoing volunteerism and the contributions she’s made to the town as a member of the Lincoln library board.

Deborah Dueck was also honoured. Her work through Conversations has been geared to local teens through Youth Zone. Deborah and her family have quietly committed their own finances and time continuously over many years to help those in need.

Rod Sinnott and Jennifer Toews’ both joked that they thought they were irritants to town council. “I’ve always thought that I was a thorn in the side of my councillors,” said Sinnott. Both Sinnott and Toews’ have been vocal activists in their efforts to move different town initiatives forward.

Sinnott is involved with the Lincoln Square Community. He and his wife started to get to know council several years ago when the Tim Hortons development went up behind their house.

While Toews spent many years involved in the community. She was celebrated for her work on the ‘Save the Fairgrounds’ committee, The Lamplighter tour, and OntarioGreen initiatives.

Vernah Fleming was unable to attend the event, but she was also acknowledged for her service on the library board, involvement with the Ontario Green and Lincoln Green initiatives, and the save the fairgrounds initiative. She was also instrumental in the Val Fleming Native Butterfly Garden that’s part of the upcoming Rotary Park.

50 Faces of Lincoln wall

Each remaining celebratory event will provide the rest of the recipients their own moment to be thanked for their public service and commitment to the town.

The biographies of all 50 recipients have also been posted online so anyone can learn more about each individual on the 50 Faces of Lincoln wall. To read a description of each person’s contribution, visit the online version of the honourees at 50 Faces of Lincoln.

Lincoln residents are also encouraged to visit the Fleming Centre at 5020 Serena Dr, Beamsville, to take in the new historic town honour wall for themselves. It’s also likely they’ll recognize a face or two as one of their friends or neighbours.