Pet Adoption of the Week – Gypsy and Mina

Each week Niagara Info publishes profiles of pets waiting for adoption from area shelters and humane societies. To find out about adopting the profiled pets call the organizations below. To reach our animal reporter, contact

Lincoln County Humane Society: Gypsy


Gypsy is an adorable, high energy cat (at 7am, and occasionally at 3am). She loves to chase things, look at birds and squirrels and has a soft spot for the nip. You’d never know this girl is a senior!

She will be a wonderful companion for a patient person who allows her time to come out of her shell since she’s really timid with new people and places. But when she trusts you, it’s 150% and she opens up for belly rubs and lots of petting.

She has her idiosyncrasies. She likes being fed in one place downstairs near her foster mom (or, as she puts it, near her cuddler). She won’t eat upstairs, and she calls you to follow her downstairs. And then she needs to be petted for her to start eating.

She likes to cuddle on the couch and do her yoga in the evening.

When she came to the LCHS she needed a haircut (don’t we all?!) – her long hair was so matted she needed a thorough shave. The hair is growing back now but she looks even more adorable with a pompom tail and anklet pompoms. Just know that Gypsy will be a long haired cat some day.

Gypsy was a loner at the beginning of her foster placement and exhibited semi-feral tendencies. Shy to the extreme. It took her about three weeks to be social but when she crossed the line, she became a totally different cat. Still, it remains to be seen if she would tolerate another cat in the home. She may also need some time and understanding to build that trust all over again in a forever home. But when she does, you’ll have a hard time not constantly taking pictures of this beautiful girl.

If interested in Gypsy, please contact

More information:
LCHS website
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Beamsville 4Paw Rescue: Mina


Mina is a quiet and well-behaved kitty that will take time to build trust with the new owners, but it will be worth the time when she purrs you songs of happiness and rubs up next to you watching TV or reading a book. Mina requires a quiet household, no children, great with other cats, calm dogs.

  • Tabby/Female/Spayed
  • Born: July 5, 2019

If If you are interested in adopting Mina or arranging a time to visit, please complete the online application:

More Information:
Beamsville 4Paw Rescue website
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