Winter Storm In Niagara

The Region of Niagara is experiencing a significant winter weather event. The storm has particularly hit the southern portion of the region with blizzard-like conditions.  The communities of Fort Erie, Port Colborne, and Wainfleet remain in blizzard conditions.  Weather conditions include blowing snow, high winds, white-out conditions, and at times zero visibility.

The Niagara Regional Police Service (NRPS), our emergency and community partners are appealing to everyone to stay home and stay safe today.

The NRPS will be instituting road closures in the southern communities to deter driving.  Driving to see the storm is strongly discouraged. Venturing out could put you in JEOPARDY and PERIL.

In some cases, emergency first responders such as police, fire, and EMS are physically unable to respond to calls due to impassible roads. Hazards on the roadways include downed trees, black ice, deep snow, hydro lines, drifting snow, flooding, and abandoned vehicles.

Due to ongoing road and weather conditions, the NRPS is also prioritizing which calls for service we physically able to attend.

If you are at home without power, please do what you can to conserve heat or call upon your neighbours for help.

The NRPS is working with our emergency and community partners and will continue to share information on this weather event as it develops.

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