Pet Adoption of the Week – Popeye, Thelma, Louise, and Wallace

Each week Niagara Info publishes profiles of pets waiting for adoption from area shelters and humane societies. To find out about adopting the profiled pets call the organizations below. To reach our animal reporter, contact [email protected].

Beamsville 4Paw Rescue: Popeye

Popeye is a very sweet boy who loves to play and run around in the backyard, but when he gets inside, he is a laid-back marshmallow. He loves to be beside you and gets along with other dogs but does not like cats.

Popeye is recommended with older children and must have fully fenced-in backyard.

  • Lab X/Male/Neutered
  • Born: July 23, 2017

If If you are interested in adopting Hugo or arranging a time to visit, please complete the online application:

More Information:
Beamsville 4Paw Rescue website
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Lincoln County Humane Society: Thelma, Louise, and Wallace

Breed: Ferret, Females ~ 10 months old

Thelma & Louise are sisters and approximately 10 months old. They are a bonded pair and must go home together. While napping is their favourite, they also love to give kisses, and to explore!

Ferrets are inquisitive and curious creatures that need a lot of mental stimulation. This means that you can expect to spend a lot of time allowing your ferret to play and explore in a safe, stimulating, enriched environment.

Without this daily opportunity to get out of their cage, ferrets can get bored, stressed, and or depressed which leads them to develop behavioral and health issues. While Thelma & Louise may be adorable, it’s important to understand the care needed to provide them a happy life!

Thelma & Louise have been de-scented and each has a rabies vaccine. Their adoption fee is $300. If you’re interested in adoption, please email [email protected] for an application.

Breed: New Zealand mix, Male – 6-12 months old

Wallace was so relieved to move into foster care! He changed from a pretty unimpressed rabbit to a happy and outgoing youngster who loves the attention of his foster people. He will follow you all around, dogging at your heels and begging for food. He can be easily entertained with toys and by teaching him tricks. He will chase a ball or a wand toy like a cat (careful he doesn’t get too dizzy as he has boundless energy and won’t stop playing until you do!). 

He happily eats hay instead of the furniture. Like any bun household, his space should be bunny-proofed as he has looked on with curiosity at the cord to the TV. He loves to give kisses but is still learning to just use his tongue and not his teeth (he never bites but he gets carried away with his love and gives little nibbles that some might mistake for bites). 

Like all bunnies, Wallace would prefer to have all his hoppers on the ground but he’s fine if he needs to be picked up. He is happy to hop up to keep you comfortable on the couch and is content to sit by and nuzzle into you while you read a book or watch a movie, and will gladly accept pets for days and will reward you with tooth purrs. Wallace has a little notch out of his one ear that speaks to his hard beginnings in life but he hasn’t let any of that stop him from being enthusiastic about all the things in life. He probably hasn’t met a dog but he seems curious though a tad cautious about getting to know the cats in his foster home. Wallace would do well as a single bun with a family who could dote on him but (once neutered) he would also be a good husbun to a more shy or sad lady bun, who he could show all the fun things in life! (Opposite personalities work best in the bunny world – your bun must also be fixed). 

Adoption fee is $35 and includes his neuter. Email [email protected] to apply to adopt.

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